Watch: What it takes to be an air race pilot

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Global News

A pilot who dazzled spectators in 2011 is back and better than ever for this year’s Celebration of Light.

Wednesday night is Canada’s turn to dazzle the audiences. But air race pilot Pete McLeod will be there to warm up the crowds with his flying skills.

McLeod was born to fly. His first flight was in a family plane when he was just six weeks old.

He received his pilot’s licence before getting his driver’s licence at the age of 16.

In 2009, he started racing on the Red Bull circuit, becoming the youngest and first Canadian to do so.

Wednesday’s show, like any of his performances, will put an enormous toll on his body, both physically and mentally.

It is the equivalent of an intense bootcamp workout.

“Ten minutes in the air is like three hours in the gym,” says McLeod. “The focus required as well as the…

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