Palladino: If Yanks Save On A-Rod, They Should Funnel Money Back To Fans

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CBS New York

By Ernie Palladino
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As we wait for the news of the Alex Rodriguez suspension to tumble down from Bud Selig’s perch high atop Mount Baseball, the Yankees would serve themselves well to consider turning at least part of this mess into a positive.

Do something for the fans, the ones who faithfully come out and sit in those expensive seats, whether behind the plate or in the bleachers, to watch this injury-depleted, controversy-entangled team. Do something to show them they count.

Feed them. People love free grub. And they love even more the people handing it out to them. For an organization that could surely use a dose of good will right now, the way to a disgusted fan’s heart is definitely through his stomach.

Do it in September, whether the Yanks are still in the postseason hunt or not. But do it especially…

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