Group cycling across the country stops in Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Co-Cycle is a group of women riding across the country with an important message. It’s something they say Milwaukee already has a leg up on.

The women live all over the country, many not knowing each other before this adventure. But now they are riding from Seattle to Boston, stopping in about a dozen cities along the way to check out all the different cooperatives, or co-ops, popping up. Monday and Tuesday, their journey brought them to Milwaukee.

“The goal of Co-Cycle is both to empower cyclists and to strengthen cooperative networks and educate ourselves and other people about the cooperative movement,” said Charlotte Cadieux.

“Co-Cycle” members said that education is needed now more than ever.  “We have just seen some economic downturns, and they`re popping up a lot more as a result,” said Michelle Week.

A co-op is owned and run by its…

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